Would you like to make vehicle buying fast and easy?

If so, then download the Free LAFCU FastPass App. Easily request and receive answers to all things related to vehicle shopping and buying such as trade-in values, preferred dealerships, fair market pricing for any vehicle, vehicle search and more.

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The FastPass App helps you prepare to buy your next vehicle.

Before vehicle shopping, confirm your assumptions with a FastPass Vehicle Advisor inside the FastPass app. More prepared shoppers usually get the best deal when negotiating with dealers.

The Best Loan

LAFCU offers low interest-rate vehicle loans & personalized member service.

FastPass Vehicle Advisor

After getting your loan pre-approved at LAFCU, connect with your personal Advisor In the FastPass App to help plan your purchase at the dealer. Get help in the app to be better prepared.


Trade-In Value

FastPass can facilitate your research to determine fair wholesale market value for your trade-in vehicle.


When you enter the vehicle dealership, your FastPass Advisor will be with you in the App to help during purchase negotiations.


Automobile Industry Experts Working for You!

Dealership sales team have sold thousands of cars practicing profit strategies proven successful over the decades. How can you compete? The solution is in your FastPass App. Before shopping, use the App to help you prepare.

Experience Power and Confidence Today!

Dealerships Appreciate Prepared Customers.

When you walk into a dealership prepared using the FastPass Advisor’s suggestions, you can likely drive your vehicle home in under two hours.

Locate Your Car: FastPass Advisors may search inventory databases not readily available to the public.

Contact Dealer: Your Advisors can set up and schedule appointments with Preferred Dealerships in your area.

Walk in and Test Drive: With a pre-set appointment, dealers can have the keys ready when you enter the lot for an instant test drive.

Your Loan Is In Your Phone: Dealers will be ready to use your LAFCU vehicle loan information in your phone to calculate your monthly payment.

Questions About Your Loan?: Contact your LAFCU loan representative from the FastPass App.

Stick to Your Budget: Using the FastPass app will help you verify vehicle pricing so you can stick to your budget & get more for your money.


Getting Pre-Approved for an Auto Loan is the Key!

Once you have your loan pre-approved at LAFCU, the monthly payments and terms are inside FastPass. This is like bringing cash with you for your purchase. When you have cash, you hold all the cards when negotiating a fair price and speeding up the buying process. Stick to the purchase plan you documented with your FastPass Advisor and let the dealer know you do not need other financing options.

LAFCU Supports Group Buying Power.

Bypass the Standard Sales Process and Win!

Stick to the Plan

Once your financing & pricing is agreed upon using the FastPass app, and if you don’t have a trade in, you should get out of the dealership in under one hour. If you stick to the plan and set expectations with the dealer, you Win.

FastPass Purchase Plan

FastPass provides a step-by-step Purchase Plan to save you thousands of dollars off retail pricing and maximize the value of your trade-in.

The key to saving time and money is to apply and get a low-rate vehicle loan pre-approved at LAFCU prior to visiting a vehicle dealer. Credit union membership has many rewards, and one of the best ones are low loan rates!